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#COVIDCrew approaches public health obstacles with a fresh, bold approach through collaborations with the School of Community Health Sciences, the School of Journalism, the Music Department, the Athletic Department, and UNR President Sandoval to name a few.  We truly believe that we are stronger as a Pack and we are operating that way. With the help of our friends and sponsors we are able to continue our work, which will be relevant for current times and for future pandemic preparedness. 

Go Team


As University of Nevada, Reno affiliates, #COVIDCrew takes pride in our collaborations within the University and in our local community. Click below to learn more about our partnerships.

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The pandemic has forced many of us into uncharted territory filled with uncertainty. #COVIDCrew is thankful to our supporters for providing us with stable funding to maintain our projects and keep our community safe and healthy. Click below to learn more about our sponsors.

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