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vaccines are here!

Click below to learn more about the vaccine and to schedule your appointment to get your shot!

A man wearing a branded mask and holding a microphone.
dONATE TO our covid relief fund!

Concerned you may have covid-19?

Fill out the self assessment below and find a testing site nearby.


Looking for our masks? 

This site is the only place you can find our trademarked F*#%!NG COVID and P!#CHE COVID masks. 100% of the profits go to our COVID Relief fund. Click below to pre-order yours today!

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Download COVID Trace

COVID Cases in Nevada are growing rapidly and contact tracers are struggling to keep up. Do your part to stop the spread by downloading this contact tracing app. To learn how this app works and how it protects your privacy, click below.

Questions about COVID?
Send us your questions/concerns about COVID and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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